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Blindside Publishing is a small press publisher of intelligent, atmospheric horror. Began in March 1998, it is now most known for Wicked Hollow Magazine and ProjectPulp.com, the online small press bookstore.

This journal is a direct link to the company's subconscious. Check in at regular intervals for updates concerning projects, deadlines, behind-the-scenes discussions about ProjectPulp.com and the small press, or just random musings from creator Jon Hodges.

Some Things Presently Amusing Me:

    + Favorite Driving CD of the Moment: Summerbirds in the Cellar, With the Hands of the Hunter It All Becomes Dead
    + Most Recent Movie Viewed Worth Recommendation: I've had no time for movies lately...
    + Currently Reading: Endless Night, Richard Laymon (eh)
    + Most Coveted CD: The new Madder Mortem, March 2006!!

My other livejournals are knowing_carrion, my writing journal, and underdogautopsy, my shhh-locked journal.
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