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A Thought Crushed Our Minds

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MySpace, Updates, Pick of the Week Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 04:00 pm

     I'm pretty sure I've noted this before, but I'll do it again just in case. Blindside Publishing has a MySpace. I don't update it too regularly but I do regularly check e-mails there, read comments anyone leaves, add news friends who request, and so forth. The URL is myspace.com/blindsidepublishing. Be sure to add us if you've a MySpace account. If you don't have a MySpace account -- it's a fair means of networking, whether you're a publisher, author, poet, artist, graphic designer, or just a reader who wants to network with the authors, publishers, and poets you read, or even just with friends or co-workers. Although the site is largely populated by teenagers, there are plenty of adults around, too, and it's a good site.

     Project Pulp, wouldn't you know it, also has a MySpace profile, just within the past few weeks. The URL for that is myspace.com/projectpulp, and this profile I'm updating more regularly since ProjectPulp.com has more regular turnover in terms of updates, news, etc. I may even do occasional MySpace-specific specials, discounts, bulk packages, who knows. Whatever I can to generate interest and sales.

     Then I have my personal MySpace I use to network with my friends and really has nothing to do with Blindside Publishing, Project Pulp, or anything else, and by visiting it you're likely to lose all respect for me. Nevertheless, it is what it is. It's myspace.com/knowing_carrion.

     Speaking of Project Pulp, there are new listings. Yes, there are! Here are the listings from this week...

Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot, Novel by Walter Koenig
Coscom Entertainment, $11.25

Sin After Sin, Chapbook by Derek Muk
D Press, $4.98

Two Die Four, Collection by Tim Curran & Tim Johnson
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.95

Crazy Colored Sky
The Crazy Colored Sky and Other Tales, Collection by Kevin James Miller
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.25

Terrible Thrills, Collection by C. Dennis Moore

Silver Lake Publishing, $11.75

Hook House and Other Horrors, Collection by Sherry Decker
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.95

Waking Nightmares, Collection by Diana Abbott & Eric S. Brown
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.95

     Did you know there's also a Pick of the Week? Well, there is! It's...

Book of Dark Wisdom #8
Book of Dark Wisdom Magazine, Issue 8

Edited by William Jones, $6.00 $5.79
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A View from the Lake on the cheap Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 11:30 am

     Have I noted that Greg F. Gifune's A View from the Lake is only $10.17 on Amazon.com (32% off)?

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A View from the Lake Jan. 30th, 2006 @ 04:57 pm

     With Wicked Hollow, the only real way for me to see reader feedback is when it comes directly to me or perhaps if it pops up on a forum, but I don't post on any forums so I rarely encounter it even in that situation.

     With book publishing, on the other hand, there's the great advent of reader reviews on websites such as Amazon.com as well as far more venues to receive published reviews. And I know it's a small thing in the scheme of book publishing, but since Greg F. Gifune's A View from the Lake is Blindside's debut release, it still makes me happy to see the first customer review show up on Amazon.com's listing for the novel and for it to be five stars and wholly complimentary. I've also noticed that the number of used & new copies has cut in half in the past 24 hours and the sales rank has jumped.

     But what I think pleases me most is that both of the reader feedbacks I've received to this point (the Amazon.com reviewer and brotherrabbit) were from people who had not previously read Greg F. Gifune but loved his work. My entire purpose with Blindside Publishing is to publish fiction that blurs the line between general fiction and horror. With Greg F. Gifune, he was an author was primarily known through his horror novels but who I believed wrote in such a way that he would also appeal to a general fiction audience, and I hoped to expose him to readers he hadn't previously been exposed to. Two people is not many, I know, but I'm optimistic for the future, for both this title and for Blindside Publishing on a whole.

     I've been looking forward to this for such a good, long time.

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MySpace Jan. 29th, 2006 @ 01:11 pm

     I can't recall whether or not I've posted this here in the past, but Blindside Publishing has a MySpace profile: myspace.com/blindsidepublishing. Feel free to add me if you're on MySpace.

     I've also begun to set up a MySpace profile for Project Pulp as of yesterday. That's located at myspace.com/projectpulp.

     Then, of course, there's my personal MySpace at myspace.com/knowing_carrion, which you may also add if you so desire, but it's essentially nothing to do with the business end of things with the exception of maybe an occasional blog or bulletin about my writing if something's coming out. I've also been known to drop bulletins when Project Pulp Radio is updated, which is fairly infrequently these days.

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Much Needed Update Jan. 27th, 2006 @ 11:36 am

     This journal has gone far too neglected as of late. Not just for the past few weeks but the past few months. I need to get back to trying to update once each weekday. This is supposed to be the Blindside Publishing & Project Pulp LiveJournal but you'd think the ventures were dead in the water if this LJ were all you knew of them.

     Blindside Publishing's debut novel A View from the Lake by Greg F. Gifune is now available and shipping. Not so many reviews have surfaced yet so the title has yet to gain much momentum, but I expected this coming in so am not particularly worried for it. The website needs updating with a couple review blurbs that have surfaced and I need to mail out the next wave of press releases. Shocklines has already sold out of its first batch, which was a larger batch than was ordered by any other bookstore by about three times, and I'll be sending them more, so at least it's doing well amongst those readers already familiar with Gifune and his history.

     A View retails for $14.95 but is available through the blindside.net website for only $13.95 with postage-paid or is available through Project Pulp for only $12.95 with postage-paid, but that price will only last through the weekend: http://www.projectpulp.com/item_detail.asp?bookID=-1511354946. It is also beginning to show up on the websites of the major booksellers but over half of them have only the title, page count, ISBN, and cover image (although even it is not a fair representation and the colors look muddled), Greg's name is not credited as the author nor is there a book description. Here are links nevertheless:

     bn.com at least has Greg's name credited as the author but still does not include a book description. The distributor said they would resubmit the form and to look for updates in 4-5 days, and this was Monday or Tuesday, but I don't see any changes as of this morning. I'll give it until Monday but then will be on the hunt. I'm not pleased with these errors.

     The followup to Greg F. Gifune's novel, Ronald Damien Malfi's Via Dolorosa, has been 99% completed in layout and a hardcopy has been mailed to Pennsylvania to be proofread. Dustjacket design will begin today, this weekend, or first of the week. I still believe nothing will be able to stop this novel from being recognized as a magnificent piece of art, not even my own incompetence. Ron has outdone himself with Via and I'm incredible honored to be publishing it through Blindside.

     Project Pulp stalled for a couple weeks while I moved, lost internet for several days, and other things conspiring, but all pending listings have finally been added to the catalogue. The latest Project Pulp newsletter was mailed this morning and here are all new additions to the catalogue since the last update in this journal:

ASIM #21
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue 21
Edited by Monissa Whiteley; $6.10

Revelation Magazine 3:2
Revelation Magazine, Issue 3:2
Edited by Brian A. Dixon; $6.40
Issues 1:1 - 3:2 are all now available in the PP catalogue

Love Bites
Love Bites, Chapbook by James Newman & Donn Gash
Nocturne Press; $8.89

Escaping Elsewhere #2
Escaping Elsewhere, Issue 2
Edited by Nicole Gray; $4.98

The Summer I Died
The Summer I Died, Novel by Ryan C. Thomas
Coscom Entertainment; $10.59

Shimmer Winter 06
Shimmer Magazine, Winter 2006
Edited by Beth Wodzinski, J.L. Radley, & David Edwards; $4.98

The Orphan Leaf Review #4
The Orphan Leaf Review, Issue 4
Edited by James Paul Wallis; $7.85 (limited to 120 numbered copies)

Egg of the Damned
Egg of the Damned, Chapbook by April French
Sam's Dot Publishing; $5.95

The Drabbler #5
The Drabbler, Issue 5 (The Three Moons)
Edited by Terrie Leigh Relf; $3.99
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Other entries
» Technical Issues

     Okay, so here's the deal. I've been offline since Saturday at about noon, I moved into a new apartment. I should have had internet by that evening but the lovely people at Earthlink are no help at all (I was previously on RoadRunner and miss it terribly). I can now access the internet at last but only if I plug straight into the modem, which means I can only do it when my roommate's not here, asleep, doesn't care, whatever. And then I still have to reset the modem everytime, reboot my computer, yadda yadda yadda.

     Even when I have it working, I still do not have outgoing e-mail. I hope to remedy that soon but I leave for work before too awful long and don't know if I'll get it figured out before then. I'm working both days & nights right now, a mixed bag without ever known until sometimes the day of whether or not I'm working, so it's really hard to make plans to have someone come out, be able to call support within business hours, get anything at all done. I'm taking tomorrow off to try and get this fixed once and for all but I don't hold out a lot of hope. Earthlink says the problem is the router, I don't have any problems with the router on RoadRunner's service and have tested it since the move on a RoadRunner connection to make sure it does, indeed, work, and it does, so... It's something to do with the router communicating with Earthlink's service or this particular cable modem.

     Please have patience with me. And I lost some e-mail, too. When I signed back on for the first time, I only had about 500 e-mails waiting for me. I used to get that in a single night sometimes. And it was the first time I'd downloaded e-mail since Saturday, so there was clearly something funky. So if you e-mailed me something important this week, you may want to check and see whether or not I received it, because chances are fairly good I did not.

     Hopefully things will fall into a rhythm again soon, but... I don't have my hopes up.

» Blindside Publishing News / New Project Pulp Listings

     There's stuff going down, man...

     Greg F. Gifune is interviewed in the latest issue of Dred Tales. It talks about his writing on a whole as well as his latest two novels, Deep Night (Delirium Books) and A View from the Lake (Blindside Publishing). It's a good article, check it out.

     Wicked Hollow #9 has been reviewed by NewPages's Zine Rack. Sean Stewart says: "Dark literature, as found in this publication, straddles the line between straight horror and general fiction. It delivers perhaps what you would think, based on the name: themes of life's ugliness, of despair, of death, of the parts of humanity many prefer to turn a blind eye to . . . There's definitely some good writing here."

     CW Sabatelli's poem "The Holes Left Behind" from this issue has also been officially nominated for a Rhysling Award. This makes three out of four years that a poem from Wicked Hollow has received a Rhysling Award nomination.

     And some new Project Pulp listings:

Beyond Centauri #11
Beyond Centauri Magazine, Issue 11
Edited by Tyree Campbell, $4.98

Dark Corners
Dark Corners, Short Story Collection by Stephen Volk
Gray Friar Press, pb: $14.25; le hc: $37.45

The Queen
The Queen, Novella by Eric S. Brown
Naked Snake Press, $9.99

Black Gate #9
Black Gate Magazine, Issue 9
Edited by John O'Neill, $9.75

Bare Bone #8
Bare Bone, Issue 8
Edited by Kevin L. Donihe, $9.85

» This Week's ProjectPulp.com Pick

     It's a little tardy this week because of the hours I've been working, but this week's ProjectPulp.com Pick is...

Dr Black and the Guerrillia
Dr. Black and the Guerrillia
, Limited Edition Novella by Brendan Connell
Grafitisk, $18.99

     Dr. Black and the Guerrillia is the new novella by Brendan Connell from Slovenian publisher Grafitisk. A signed, numbered, limited edition hardback of 300 copies. Printed on fine Italian paper in brown ink with illustrations by John Connell in black ink.

» ProjectPulp.com Listings

     New Project Pulp listings...

Lycanthrope: Nature of the Beast, by AL J. Vermette
Sapphire Publications, $4.98 (pb), $3.99 (CD)

Apex Magazine, Issue 4
Edited by Jason Sizemore, $4.98

Up is Down, Chapbook by Mikal Trimm
Sam's Dot Publishing, $4.98

Tales of the Talisman 1.3
Tales of the Talisman, Vol. 1 Issue 3
Edited by David Lee Summers, $7.00

LWM #10
Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries, Issue 10
Edited by John Navroth, $4.98

Bernie Herrmann's Manic Sextet
Bernie Herrmann's Manic Sextet, Edited by Gary Fry
Gray Friar Press, $10.30

Dracula, Novel by Bram Stoker
Coscom Entertainment, $12.49

El Reptil Rey, Chapbook by Angeline Hawkes-Craig
Naked Snake Press, $4.98

The Bleeding, Chapbook by Dustin LaValley
Naked Snake Press, $4.98

» Old Out of Print Issues of Wicked Hollow

     Okay, so here's the deal. I had to do a lot of rearranging about a month ago when we were having roofers come in because they needed access to the attics, the doors to which happen to be in my office and had been blocked closed by various pieces of furniture and other items. In my cleaning, I found some old copies of Wicked Hollow that have been out of print for a very, very long time. These are the original handmade issues, before Wicked Hollow began going to a printer with issue 5 in January 2003.

     I have four copies of #3, three copies of #2, and one copy of #1. I've linked each issue number to their old table of contents on the Wicked Hollow website if you want to see cover art, who was published that issue, and so forth.

     These did not traditionally come signed and/or numbered such as Wicked Hollow has since issue 7, but I'll sign and/or inscribe them for anyone who so desires.

     According to my records, there are approximately 150 copies of #1 in circulation, just fewer than 100 copies of #2, and 115 copies of #3. Issue #2 has an old story by Kealan Patrick Burke (back when he still used a hyphen in his name), "The Room Beneath the Stairs."

     Since I never make a profit off Wicked Hollow, I'd like to at least try for once because, besides, the money could really be put to good use right now. As such, I'm posting these only here right now, and it's on a first come, first served basis, whether by comment or e-mail. I'd like to sell them for $6 each, postage in the States included, an additional $1 to Canada or $2.50 elsewhere. I'll accept PayPal or will wait for a check or money order. I'll sell multiple issues to one person but only one of each issue.

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