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MySpace, Updates, Pick of the Week - A Thought Crushed Our Minds

About MySpace, Updates, Pick of the Week

Previous Entry MySpace, Updates, Pick of the Week Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 04:00 pm Next Entry

     I'm pretty sure I've noted this before, but I'll do it again just in case. Blindside Publishing has a MySpace. I don't update it too regularly but I do regularly check e-mails there, read comments anyone leaves, add news friends who request, and so forth. The URL is myspace.com/blindsidepublishing. Be sure to add us if you've a MySpace account. If you don't have a MySpace account -- it's a fair means of networking, whether you're a publisher, author, poet, artist, graphic designer, or just a reader who wants to network with the authors, publishers, and poets you read, or even just with friends or co-workers. Although the site is largely populated by teenagers, there are plenty of adults around, too, and it's a good site.

     Project Pulp, wouldn't you know it, also has a MySpace profile, just within the past few weeks. The URL for that is myspace.com/projectpulp, and this profile I'm updating more regularly since ProjectPulp.com has more regular turnover in terms of updates, news, etc. I may even do occasional MySpace-specific specials, discounts, bulk packages, who knows. Whatever I can to generate interest and sales.

     Then I have my personal MySpace I use to network with my friends and really has nothing to do with Blindside Publishing, Project Pulp, or anything else, and by visiting it you're likely to lose all respect for me. Nevertheless, it is what it is. It's myspace.com/knowing_carrion.

     Speaking of Project Pulp, there are new listings. Yes, there are! Here are the listings from this week...

Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot, Novel by Walter Koenig
Coscom Entertainment, $11.25

Sin After Sin, Chapbook by Derek Muk
D Press, $4.98

Two Die Four, Collection by Tim Curran & Tim Johnson
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.95

Crazy Colored Sky
The Crazy Colored Sky and Other Tales, Collection by Kevin James Miller
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.25

Terrible Thrills, Collection by C. Dennis Moore

Silver Lake Publishing, $11.75

Hook House and Other Horrors, Collection by Sherry Decker
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.95

Waking Nightmares, Collection by Diana Abbott & Eric S. Brown
Silver Lake Publishing, $11.95

     Did you know there's also a Pick of the Week? Well, there is! It's...

Book of Dark Wisdom #8
Book of Dark Wisdom Magazine, Issue 8

Edited by William Jones, $6.00 $5.79
Present Soundtrack: Coldplay :: A Rush of Blood to the Head
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