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A View from the Lake on Sale

     A quick note to let folks know that Greg F. Gifune's novel A View from the Lake will be on sale for $9.95, domestic postage included, through January 1, 2007 for the holidays. Retail cover is $14.95.

Order it on the Blindside Publishing website here (at the whole Blindside catalogue) or here (View specific).
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Project Pulp Listings

     The ten latest notable additions to the Project Pulp catalogue.

Mythic 1
Mythic, Volume One
Edited by Mike Allen; $9.89

Strange Wisdoms of the Dead (Signed)
Collection by Mike Allen; $13.85

Flashing the Dark
Collection by Bruce Boston; $9.65

Apex Digest, Best of Vols. I & II
Edited by Jason Sizemore; $4.00

Nothing is Inflammable
Collection by Simon Logan; pb: $16.95; hb: $27.95

Rohypnol Bride
Fetishcore Collection by Simon Logan; pb: $16.95; hb: coming soon

Tales of the Chinese Zodiac (Advance Order)
Collection by Jenn Reese; $5.95

Burning Stones
Novel by Steven Mills; $14.95

Jabberwocky, Issue 2
Edited by Sean Wallace; $9.75

Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, Issue 4
Edited by Bradley Sands & Dan Ward; $4.98

Collection by Steven L. Shrewsbury; $12.25
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This Week's Pick

Chemical Gardens

Chemical Gardens
, Novel by Gina Ranalli
Afterbirth Books, $12.95 $10.95

     It's a night like any other for punk rock band Green is the Enemy. Having just completed a gig in their hometown of Seattle, they pile into their van, headed for San Francisco to open for their idols Peroxide and with any luck, get signed to Withering Skin Records.

     Unfortunately, things don't go exactly as planned. They travel no more than a few blocks when an 8.5 earthquake strikes the city, tumbling buildings and opening streets, and sending the van crashing down into a huge crevasse.

     Beneath the city of Seattle is another long buried city, known to locals as The Underground and it is here that the band find themselves, trapped and somehow vastly . . . changed.

     Join Ro, Pawn, Dose, and Whey as they fight to make it back in time for their gig, encounter strange creatures called Kreepkins, a surfer-dude warlock, a vengeful demon, and a Metal Priestess who holds the key to their escape from the bizarre subterranean nightmare that is now their lives.

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This Week's Pick

Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters, an Anthology Ed. by Jason Andrew & Michael Dyer

Simian Publishing, $15.95 $13.95

     Caught up in the bright lights of the modern world, it is easy to pretend that the old myths and legends have lost their hold over our hearts and imaginations. Sometimes, when we least expect it, the old archetypes return in terrifying new forms. Gods and Monsters is an anthology that explores these themes with fifteen new tales of the fantastic from some of the brightest new talent in fantasy and horror. Features the tales of Derek J. Goodman, Michael Nethercott, Ian Creasey, Gary McMahon, Larisa Walk, Joel Arnold, James S. Dorr, Hall Charles, Dave Bartlett, David Bartell, Nate Southard, Lavie Tidhar, Gill Ainsworth, and Jason Andrew.

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Book Expos

     A question to other publishers, booksellers, and self-marketing authors:

     Has anyone gone the route of sending their titles off to be sold at a book expo? And if so, what sort of experience did you have? Common sense tells me there's little to be gained by it if your company doesn't already have a name and bookbuyers aren't going to be specifically looking for your titles, but I don't want to be naive and ignore a potentially helpful marketing tool. Any personal experience or advice anyone has on the topic is quite welcome.

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A View from the Lake

     Is that not a beautiful sight to behold? A View from the Lake on the shelf at Baker Books in Dartmouth, MA. Thanks to Bill Gauthier for his help, who is also going to make it a staff pick. Bill also writes a column for Dark Discoveries magazine, and this is included in his latest column, which will be published some time this summer:

    "The book is hard to define or categorize and believe me when I say it gave me chills thinking about some of the ideas put forth. Greg Gifune is a natural storyteller and a helluva writer. This is a great book and well worth your time."
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Blindside Publishing News

     Have I mentioned over here that is now listing Blindside Publishing's debut novel A View from the Lake by Greg F. Gifune for only $9.72 (reg. $14.95)? I don't recall having done so, so consider this your warning. If you want this novel on the cheap, this is your opportunity. Do be sure to check it out.

     The novel is also available for purchase directly from Blindside Publishing for $12.95, domestic shipping included, Project Pulp for $13.95, also domestic shipping included, Shocklines for $14.95, Clarkesworld Books for $13.95, Barnes & Noble for $13.45, or for $14.95. It's worth noting that Clarkesworld still has signed copies in stock and are the only source for those at this point. Borderlands Books was also carrying signed copies but they seem to have sold out only recently and I was told they would be placing all further orders for the novel through distribution rather than direct, but they don't seem to have re-ordered just yet.

     Advance review copies for Ronald Damien Malfi's novel Via Dolorosa will begin going out before long, I'm waiting for them to return from the printer. This is predominantly a literary novel and I'll be mostly seeking literary reviews, but any other reviewers interested in this novel, do contact me. I don't guarantee a review copy but I'd like to hear from you. It's to be a hardcover release this summer.

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Two Die Four

Two Die Four
, Split Collection by Tim Curran & Tim Johnson
Silver Lake Publishing, $12.95 $10.95

     Two authors. Four stories. So many ways to die.

     "Tim Curran and Tim Johnson are the future of horror. Johnson's work reminds me of a young Stephen King, and Tim Curran is a natural storyteller whose tactile characterization ensnares the reader in tales that are simply too good to put down. The two together make for an exciting combination, and simply put, a bloody great read!"
     --James R. Cain, Editor of Dark Animus

     "Though originality is oftentimes hard to come by, a reader tends to come by it quite often in works by Mr. Curran and Mr. Johnson. Highly recommended."
     Kevin L. Donihe, Author of Shall We Gather at the Garden?

     Project Pulp Radio, accessible from the upper-right corner of any screen on Project Pulp, has also been updated with 12 new tracks: 22-20s, "Such a Fool"; A Whisper in the Noise, "Seeing You"; Red Harvest, "Internal Punishment Programs"; Job for a Cowboy, "Suspended by the Throat"; Hope of the States, "66 Sleepers to Summer"; Green Carnation, "Dead but Dreaming"; Engine Down, "The Walk In"; Dexter's Moon, "Voodoo Girl"; Vaux, "Plague Music"; The Loveless, "All the Same"; The Eternal, "To Drown"; and Music77, "Kameror."

     And lastly, a new addition to the Project Pulp catalogue:

To the Mountain of the Beast
To the Mountain of the Beast, Novel by Christopher Stires
Carnifex Press, $12.25

     And I owe a few Blindside/Project Pulp related e-mails. If you don't hear from me tonight, you will tomorrow.

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And We Resume

     This journal has fallen quiet for too long. Expect it to begin picking back up to a daily or nearly daily update schedule.

     For now, here are some new Project Pulp listings of note from the past week or so...

Dark Dreams
Dark Dreams, Poetry Chapbook by Christina Sng
Naked Snake Press, $6.40

Not One of Us #35
Not One of Us Magazine, Issue 35
Edited by John Benson, $4.49

Temple of Cod
Temple of Cod, Chapbook by Adrienne Jones
Creative Guy Publishing, $6.45

Comes the Dark
Comes the Dark, Novel by David Taub
Coscom Entertainment, $11.49

Dreams & Nightmares #73
Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 73
Edited by David C. Kopaska Merkel, $4.95 (special 20th Anniv. Issue!)

Backwards City Review 2.1
Backwards City Review, Vol. 2, Issue 1
Edited by Gerry Canavan & Don Ezra Cruz, $6.89

Apex #5
Apex Digest, Issue 5
Edited by Jason Sizemore, $5.95

Gods and Monsters
Gods and Monsters, an Anthology Ed. by Jason Andrew & Michael Dyer
Simian Publishing, $14.45

Tales of the Talisman 1.4
Tales of the Talisman, Vol. 1, Issue 4
Edited by David Lee Summers, $7.00
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