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This Week's ProjectPulp.com Pick - A Thought Crushed Our Minds

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Chemical Gardens

Chemical Gardens
, Novel by Gina Ranalli
Afterbirth Books, $12.95 $10.95

     It's a night like any other for punk rock band Green is the Enemy. Having just completed a gig in their hometown of Seattle, they pile into their van, headed for San Francisco to open for their idols Peroxide and with any luck, get signed to Withering Skin Records.

     Unfortunately, things don't go exactly as planned. They travel no more than a few blocks when an 8.5 earthquake strikes the city, tumbling buildings and opening streets, and sending the van crashing down into a huge crevasse.

     Beneath the city of Seattle is another long buried city, known to locals as The Underground and it is here that the band find themselves, trapped and somehow vastly . . . changed.

     Join Ro, Pawn, Dose, and Whey as they fight to make it back in time for their gig, encounter strange creatures called Kreepkins, a surfer-dude warlock, a vengeful demon, and a Metal Priestess who holds the key to their escape from the bizarre subterranean nightmare that is now their lives.

Present Soundtrack: Enslaved :: Ruun
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Date:May 8th, 2006 03:43 am (UTC)

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Why is bush president again,what a JACKASS!
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