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This Week's ProjectPulp.com Pick - A Thought Crushed Our Minds

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Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters, an Anthology Ed. by Jason Andrew & Michael Dyer

Simian Publishing, $15.95 $13.95

     Caught up in the bright lights of the modern world, it is easy to pretend that the old myths and legends have lost their hold over our hearts and imaginations. Sometimes, when we least expect it, the old archetypes return in terrifying new forms. Gods and Monsters is an anthology that explores these themes with fifteen new tales of the fantastic from some of the brightest new talent in fantasy and horror. Features the tales of Derek J. Goodman, Michael Nethercott, Ian Creasey, Gary McMahon, Larisa Walk, Joel Arnold, James S. Dorr, Hall Charles, Dave Bartlett, David Bartell, Nate Southard, Lavie Tidhar, Gill Ainsworth, and Jason Andrew.

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