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Two Die Four

Two Die Four
, Split Collection by Tim Curran & Tim Johnson
Silver Lake Publishing, $12.95 $10.95

     Two authors. Four stories. So many ways to die.

     "Tim Curran and Tim Johnson are the future of horror. Johnson's work reminds me of a young Stephen King, and Tim Curran is a natural storyteller whose tactile characterization ensnares the reader in tales that are simply too good to put down. The two together make for an exciting combination, and simply put, a bloody great read!"
     --James R. Cain, Editor of Dark Animus

     "Though originality is oftentimes hard to come by, a reader tends to come by it quite often in works by Mr. Curran and Mr. Johnson. Highly recommended."
     Kevin L. Donihe, Author of Shall We Gather at the Garden?

     Project Pulp Radio, accessible from the upper-right corner of any screen on Project Pulp, has also been updated with 12 new tracks: 22-20s, "Such a Fool"; A Whisper in the Noise, "Seeing You"; Red Harvest, "Internal Punishment Programs"; Job for a Cowboy, "Suspended by the Throat"; Hope of the States, "66 Sleepers to Summer"; Green Carnation, "Dead but Dreaming"; Engine Down, "The Walk In"; Dexter's Moon, "Voodoo Girl"; Vaux, "Plague Music"; The Loveless, "All the Same"; The Eternal, "To Drown"; and Music77, "Kameror."

     And lastly, a new addition to the Project Pulp catalogue:

To the Mountain of the Beast
To the Mountain of the Beast, Novel by Christopher Stires
Carnifex Press, $12.25

     And I owe a few Blindside/Project Pulp related e-mails. If you don't hear from me tonight, you will tomorrow.

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